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Michaela, a little girl from a mountain village, dreams of being the most beautiful in the world. One day she gets lost in an aged forest and she finds an enchanted lake where she meets the Fairy of the Lake—the most gorgeous woman she has ever seen. Michaela begs the fairy to make her beautiful like her, but the fairy is reluctant to do it.

“Every wish comes with a price, my dear,” she warns the little girl. Michaela refuses to listen. Eventually, she has it her way, but she changes drastically. How far is she ready to go, led by her whims and jealousy? How much harm will she do to those who love her? Is she going to ruin her soul, and will she escape from the trap she is caught in? Will she accept the help of the magical creatures that try to save her?

If you are eager to go with Michaela through fire and water and to discover how from an ordinary girl, she becomes a princess, grab this book, full of magic, and you will find the answers to all your questions. 


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