Some interesting facts about the book

However incredible it may seem, several episodes in this book are true stories borrowed from real life. The story of Sylvia’s grandmother, for instance, is almost identical to one which my great-grandmother told me about her great-grandmother, who was, in fact, a healer and a seer. She had lost eleven children and always, just before one of them was about to die, she would dream about a dragon, telling her the exact time when that would happen. After the death of her eleventh child, the dragon told her she would receive a gift and would become a seer. She had afterward another three healthy children, one of which was my great-great-grandmother.

The dragon, as it is described in Sylvia’s story.

I really dreamt about the Starry Dragon. When I woke up, I felt so elated! It was as though something celestial had just touched my soul. I will never forget this wonderful feeling.

I invented The Good Forest Spirit when I was in High school, joking around with my classmates.

Another vivid dream that I had years ago is recreated in the scene where Michaela meets the Lord of Light. My dream was so fantastic that I often compare it with the biblical visions and revelations that the ancient prophets and apostles had had sometimes. It was in the heavens, in the middle of the bright blue sky, and fluffy snow-white clouds were scattered here and there around me. The creatures lay at the foot of something similar to two long steps. They were indescribable–living things dressed all in white, some of them with human bodies and curly hair, with curved ram’s horns instead of ears, others with a lion’s bodies and human faces… They all emanated soft amber light. I stayed there for a short period, and then I woke up, my heart wildly racing in my chest. I will never forget this incredible experience.

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