3.The seer

As we are limited in our perceptions of the world, we have no choice but to seek wisdom and inspiration in people with a higher mind than ours. Such a person was Vanga.

You have probably never heard of her. She was blind because she had the gift to see. She was illiterate because she did not need to read—she drew her wisdom directly from the well of the eternal ancient knowledge, which lies somewhere there, open to everyone and waiting for the pure of spirit to find it. Baba Vanga, as the people called her, was a Bulgarian seer, healer, and herbalist whose predictions and supernatural abilities had helped thousands of people. She was a phenomenon that had been studied multiple times by different scientific institutions, but until today nobody was able to explain her supernatural gift, which manifested itself in several directions (all data and citations below are taken from the book “Vanga” by Krassimira Stoyanova, Sofia, 1989 (in Bulgarian)):

She was able to communicate with the dead, regardless of the time of their demise.

She could locate topographically lost items, animals, and humans with accuracy above 80%.

She was a healer and herbalist, applying her art to thousands of people.

She could see the past, predict the future, and foresee man’s destiny with incredible precision.

She often fell into a trance and from her mouth spoke voices that predicted international events and cataclysms.

She was in constant contact with creatures she had described as aliens from the planet Vamfim, which she described as: transparent, clad in armor-like shiny dresses creatures, with soft, similar to duck down hair, which encircle their heads like a halo. Sometimes they have something like wings at their backs.” (p. 115).

As we all know, seers, fortune-tellers, and magicians have always existed, and nowadays, they have won a rather bad reputation as charlatans and cheaters. In Vanga’s case, however, we are talking about something totally different. There are irrefutable facts from thousands of cases (about 7000 scientifically recorded and studied) where she was telling her visitors stupendous details of their past, present, and future life and could even predict the day of their death with such confidence as she was reading from a book. According to Vanga’s words, when somebody came to her for advice, a window opened before her and she was seeing scenes of the person’s life like watching a movie tape. She maintained that “there is a voice that tells her what to say,” and that “human destiny is predetermined and strictly defined, and could not be changed.” (pp. 14-15) Very often, visitors’ deceased relatives appeared and spoke to Vanga. She could read thoughts and move easily through time, no matter whether it was past or future. 

For these reasons, Vanga has been considered an inexplicable and universally acknowledged phenomenon. At the time, State Suggestology Research Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, and some Russian scientists studied her. I emphasize specifically that the scientists had dealt with Vanga’s abilities. Because it is science, right? According to public opinion, if it proves something, it is reliable.

In Vanga’s case, though, the science proved only its impotence. Nobody could explain the inexplicable but we can use it to prove our statement. To do that, we need facts supported by evidence. The facts are that Vanga had supernatural abilities and demonstrated a high percentage of exactitude of her predictions. The evidence for her talent is the thousands of instances where the witnesses confirmed that she was telling the truth. Based on that and considering some of her affirmations about God, Universe, and Nature, we can state that:

1. If Vanga could see one’s past and present, predict one’s future in details, and the precision of her predictions was scientifically proven to be around or higher than 80%, then Vanga, according to her affirmation, was in constant contact with a force that is responsible for human destiny.

2. If statement 1 is true, then such a force exists, and it helped Vanga see and understand one’s fate in an inexplicable manner.

3. If statements 1 & 2 are true, then this force is conscious and represents a higher mind that could be considered God. Vanga conveyed the force’s messages in a precise and accurate manner.

4. If all of the above statements are true, then the following assertions coming from Vanga’s mouth are true as well:

“There is not such a thing as nonliving nature. Everything lives and obeys to higher organization and mind.” (pp. 113-114).  

“I see and hear the heavenly bells ringing every hour, and every living creature submits to this rhythm. How do you think roosters know when to crow and the birds when to tweet? How do the flowers know when to open their petals and wake up for a new day? Everything obeys this voice.” (p.102).

Every living creature, the entire world, and the whole universe obey a strictly defined cosmic rhythm and order.” (p. 93).

“Don’t think you are free to do whatever you want, because nobody is; there is one gigantic eye that watches all our acts, and nobody can hide from anything.” (p. 20)

 “I saw Jesus Christ, but he doesn’t have a body. He is a giant fiery ball of light, so bright that you cannot look at it.” (p. 16)

5. If statement 4 is true, it follows that:

5.1. There is a higher power in the Universe that rules everything continuously and simultaneously every single moment.

5.2. Everything in Nature obeys the perfect order created by this power.

5.3. Jesus exists, and he is a God.

As you can see, none of the conclusions above is contrary to Christianity. However, the Orthodox Church vigorously rejects Vanga, accusing her of serving the Devil, and I presume that she would have been burned as a witch in medieval times. Nothing surprising though—many prophets and wise men have ended their life cruelly tortured and killed.

“And how do we know whom to believe?” I hear some of you wonder. “Could the Church be wrong? What if Baba Vanga was really a witch?”

Well, the Holy Bible, which is the foundation of the Church, states: “You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16).

It is time to ask ourselves the purpose of Vanga’s gift. Why do we need people like her? Wasn’t she there to show us that there is something beyond our comprehension, which guides us throughout our entire life?

Here are Vanga’s words about her mission: “I am put here! I am a representative! Those who came to me are confused and desperate. I have to advise them and show them the right direction. Some of them find the right path afterward, others not at all.” (p. 20).

You will know them by their fruits.

Who was Vanga indeed? A simple good woman who spent her entire life helping people, healing thousands, guiding the misled towards the correct path, reuniting mothers with their lost children, and teaching us to be good and humble and live in harmony with nature. She asked to build a church at the place where she lived. Do you think this woman served evil? Did she speak even a single word against God? On the contrary, “she was a firm believer in God and very pious woman.” (p. 16).

Contrary to the Orthodox Church, I don’t believe that Vanga was possessed by demons, and I am convinced that she was far wiser than the majority of the priests.

But let’s return to our discussion about God. In support of the statements 5.1-5.2 above comes the second proof for God’s existence, which we can call:

The perfect order in Nature

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