The site you have just come across has nothing to do with your pre-existing knowledge. It is a place dedicated to testifying to the truth. Here, we speak of the universal, or so-called OBJECTIVE TRUTH, which is SINGULAR, Eternal and inflexible, not Nietzsche’s (and most people’s) “elusive one, based on our opinions, interpretations, and judgment.” This is the same truth Jesus spoke of 2000 years ago, and for which He was crucified. The same one for which tens of thousands of His followers were torched, thrown in the lion’s den, crucified, tortured, and murdered en masse.

Thus, this website is “the voice of one calling in the wilderness,” and its spiritual light is intended to find and inspire Diogenes’s honest man. Here, many tough questions will be discussed, such as if God and the Devil exist, the perfect order in Nature, what demons are and how they keep us in a state of submission, how to banish them, what is wrong with our society, and more.

All the books, stories, articles, and posts you’ll find here are distillations of the purest veracity and wisdom. They will aim at teaching you the meaning of the Delphic maxim “Know thyself!”, explaining to you how “the truth will set you free,” and showing how to discover “the spring of living water inside you” in order to gain “everlasting life.”

So, with the verses below, I dedicate this site to all the truth seekers and wish you all

Happy reading!

“To all the people in the world
Who seek the holy truth out there.
To those who once believed in wonders,
And had big dreams but never dared.

To atheists and to believers;
To the wise, the good, and the obscene;
To everyone who wants to know
What’s going on behind the scenes;

To those who want to figure out
What “Know thyself” was meant to mean;
What is the purpose of existence,
And the failure of the human being:

To all of them, I give these stories,
A mix of wisdom, truth, and pain.
I hope they’ll find their source of worry
And they won’t spend their lives in vain.”

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If you like books about the Age of Sail, bloodthirsty cannibals, pirates, sea battles, buried treasures, ancient cities, and incredible adventures, this is your book. (Click here for more)


Eternal and inflexible, the universal, or so-called OBJECTIVE TRUTH, is SINGULAR  and does not depend on one’s point of view. But speaking the truth is a lonely and dangerous job. It has always been like this—from the Old Testament’s prophets suffering martyrdom through the crucifixion of Jesus and the mass murder, torching, and torturing of his followers, to Jordano Bruno, burned alive by the Inquisition, and Jamal Khashoggi, dismembered with a bone saw inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, anyone who dares to speak out is condemned to death or exile. Since time immemorial, going against the rules of a corrupt society has required more than simple guts. To stand up for the truth, you must be crazy like Don Quixote or innocent like the child who cried, “The king is naked!


Is there a supreme conscious power that rules the Universe and can interfere with one’s destiny at every single moment? Which evidence can we find aside from the Scriptures, which could shed light on the existence of such power? Click here to find out.


You have probably never heard of her, but when I was a child, she was so popular in Eastern Europe that the Bulgarian authorities founded a special scientific institute to study her. She was blind, but she had the gift of sight. She was illiterate because she did not need to read—she drew her wisdom directly from the well of the ancient eternal knowledge, which lies somewhere out there, open to everyone and waiting for the pure in spirit to find it. Baba Vanga, as they called her, was a Bulgarian seer, healer, and herbalist whose predictions and supernatural abilities helped thousands of people.


In the animal kingdom, each species has its own method of communication, behavior, and reproduction, following a strictly predetermined path from birth through maturity, aging, and death. This cycle lasts, for certain species like sharks and crabs, hundreds of millions of years. Crocodiles and turtles are not far behind. The million-dollar question here is, what drives sentient beings to act the way they do? The answer is a single word that contains all the world’s mystery: awareness. The problem with awareness is so crucial that, in my opinion, biology is supposed to be founded upon it. Yet, science has no clear opinion on the topic, and scientists are so confused that they even have trouble defining the term properly. Therefore, they prefer to ignore the issue, for if they don’t, all these perfunctory speculations and hypotheses, which reign now in the public domain as “proven theories” and shape modern biology, would collapse and turn them into a laughing stock.

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