Welcome to Kris Nedy’s magical world. Here you will discover an enchanted place full of daydreams where everybody, no matter the age, will find a subject of contemplation and a source of inspiration.

The books that you will find on this website are about the exciting journey back to the buried and long-forgotten treasure of our spirituality.

The Fairy of the Lake is the first story of the series Stories from the Stars, and, as every fairy tale, it aims to bring readers wisdom, fun, and a strong moral lesson. If you want to meet Michaela, an ordinary girl from a small mountain village, who longs to be the most beautiful in the world, if you are ready to go with her through fire and water, and to find out at what price she becomes a princess, click here. 

If you are interested to see what people say about the book, click below.

And if you would like to explore the wisdom behind the books and be part of the discussion about God, the Devil and man, hopelessly trapped between these two incomprehensible forces, visit my blog page.

About God, the Devil, and man trapped between them

The truth is that if you wish to be wise and to achieve spiritual perfection, which generally means to raise and purify your spirit, theology and philosophy are not enough, because the words don’t count much. The most important component to understand and implement the learning is the REALISATION of what’s going on inside your mind. To achieve that, you need ENERGY, because this is the only way to raise your AWARENESS. Once that is done, you will start to understand the knowledge and, later on, you will begin to act impeccably in every situation.

Does God exist?

Is there a supreme conscious power that rules the Universe and can interfere with one’s destiny at every single moment? Which evidence can we find aside from the Scriptures, which could shed light on the existence of such power? Click here to find out.

The seer

You have probably never heard of her but when I was a child, she was already at the peak of her fame. She was blind because she had the gift to see. She was illiterate because she did not need to read—she drew her wisdom directly from the well of the eternal ancient knowledge, which lies somewhere there, open to everyone and waiting for the pure of spirit to find it.

The perfect order in Nature

In the animal kingdom, each kind has its language, its way of reproduction, behavior, communication, and awareness. Following this thread of thoughts, the theory of the origin of life, the so-called “Oparin-Haldane primordial soup” looks irrational, unfounded, and even stupid because it tries to explain only the organic compounds and not the driving conscious force, responsible for the behavior of all the living creatures through their entire life.

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