Dive into a world of magic and adventure with The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake!

Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with enchantment, wonder, and unexpected twists? The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake is a spellbinding fantasy adventure that will immerse you in a world that will captivate middle-grade readers and adults alike.

Follow the adventures of Michaela, a  young girl from a quiet mountain village who dreams of becoming the most beautiful girl in the world. One day, she finds herself journeying through the heart of a mystical forest to the edge of an Enchanted Lake—a place where dreams and magic come to life. The lake is home to a gorgeous fairy who has the power to make all her wishes come true. But as Michaela soon learns, magic always comes with a price.

Before she knows it, Michaela is living in a real fairytale in a castle, surrounded by royalty, riches, glamor, and the attentions of an adoring public. But inside her, an evil stirs, brought to life by the deal she made at the lake. To redeem her soul, she will need the help of powerful beings, magical creatures, and a wise old witch. But the ultimate battle is not only with the malevolent creature that dwells within her; it is with herself.

The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake is tailor-made for readers aged 8-12, combining an entertaining storyline and a cast of unforgettable characters with themes of morality, vanity, friendship and betrayal, corruption, and redemption.

With an engaging plot written in age-graded language, this book is the ideal choice for avid readers and children who are just starting to explore the world of fantasy.

I truly hope you will enjoy this original, entertaining, didactic morality tale, and I wish you:


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