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If you like books about the Age of Sail, bloodthirsty cannibals, pirates, sea battles, buried treasures, ancient cities, and incredible adventures, this is your book.

A boy named Kamolea is born on a Pacific island inhabited by ferocious cannibals who worship a giant tree and offer human sacrifices to their god. As Kamolea grows up, he realizes that the tribe’s customs disgust him. Feeling lonely, perplexed, and alienated, he does not know that, according to a prophecy, his destiny is to stand up against the bloody rituals of his people and change their mentality. But on the eve of his warrior’s proof, a great event changes his life forever, marking the beginning of his quest for wisdom and truth.

Will he survive the perilous adventures that fate holds in store for him? Who will show him the path of knowledge and help him in his endeavor? And will he succeed in his mission and fulfill the prophecy?

The answers to these and many other questions are waiting for you inside this book—a gripping mixture of action, philosophy, history, magic, and suspense that will keep you up at night, and once started, you’ll find it impossible to put it down.

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