The perfect order in nature (Part 2): THE ENIGMA OF THE ANIMAL BEHAVIOR

Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist.” (Marcus Aurelius)

Let’s continue our reflection on awareness with some exciting examples of animal behavior.

1. Leaf-cutter ants

As the guide told us, the surprising thing was that ants didn’t use the leaves for food. Instead, they used them for fertilizer to cultivate a specific type of fungi that they ate afterward to sustain their life. Inside their formicary is a sophisticated organizational hierarchy with various types of workers, some responsible for cleaning and disposing of refuse (sanitary cleaners), others for cutting and bringing the leaves (foragers), and a third group for protecting the anthill (soldiers). 

The question is how these insects can engage in farming and establish a causal connection between fertilizing, cultivating, and caring for their food, just like humans do. These facts speak of a developed mind and a sophisticated sense of organization, right? Now, science claims that the secret of our intelligence is inside us and connected to our brain’s development. Let’s compare then the human brain with that of the ant. Man’s brain comprises about 100 billion neurons interconnected via trillions of synapses. The ant has 250,000 cells in its (very) tiny head, some 400,000 times fewer. Yet, ants can construct a highly rational society, including founding a colony, breeding fungi, leading wars against other tribes, and even taking and using slaves. How is this possible? Where does this sense of organization come from? What is the source of their awareness, considering their simplistic structure?

Modern biology will explain to you that this is a “genetically encoded experience, passed down from generation to generation for millions of years.” But as you can deduce from my second example, this is far from convincing.

2. Animal migration

The discussion about animal migration raises the following questions:

  1. How do animals and birds identify the exact (and the same) places to gather?
  2. How do they know such a detailed itinerary, which is usually thousands of miles long and hundreds of thousands of years old, and reach their destinations?

Recently, I came upon the case of the great migration of zebras. The road of their itinerary had been blocked for about 40 years, and the last generation of the animals that remembered it had died long ago. Then, the barrier was removed, and, to everybody’s great surprise, the herd resumed its initial journey (for the full story, click on the picture below).

Scientists presume that “the memory of ancient routes may be genetically encoded.” However, I strongly doubt this theory. My explanation is far more straightforward, as incredible as it may sound—the animals feel the force that rules all living creatures, so they know when the best time to depart is (every year is different) and the best route to reach their destination.

 It’s no coincidence that birds always gather at specific places and fly through well-established corridors, such as Via Aristotelis. As you can see, this migration lasted for many thousands of years. Aristotle lived long ago, folks, but nothing has changed since then. And it’s not a question of genes and transmitted memories, believe me. Birds and animals can feel and follow specific energy zones. It is not by chance that in ancient Rome, priests called augurs predicted the future by observing certain species of birds, considering how closely related they were to gods. Looking deeply into nature and animal behavior is a perfect example of how wise our ancestors were. Nowadays, unfortunately we are far from them. We have Google and AI instead, and they are slowly turning us into machine-like idiots.

3. Coral spawning

Another example of remarkable synchronicity, and evidence that a higher mind rules everything in nature, is coral reproduction. At a certain period, usually as specific as a few days, millions of these creatures simultaneously releasean immense quantity of eggs and sperm into the water in order to engage in the fertilization process (for the entire process, click here).

Now, keeping in mind the keyword “simultaneously,” let’s consider the following paragraphs from the bestselling book “The Einstein Enigma.” (This book represents many theories and facts about God’s existence, and, as the author claims: “All of the scientific data presented here are authentic.” (José Rodrigues dos Santos. The Einstein Enigma. HarperCollins Publishers, NY, 2010)).

Hindu mythology is based on the tale of creation through the Lord of Dance.” (ibid., p. 333)

“Shiva’s dance created the universe and matter began to pulse and move to this rhythm, turning life into a great cyclical process.”

“Look at the way an electron moves around a nucleus, the way an atom oscillates, how a molecule moves, and how planets orbit: the rhythm of the cosmos. There is rhythm in everything; there is synchronism in everything; there is symmetry in everything.

Every night, along certain rivers in Malaysia, thousands of fireflies come together in the air and emit light at the same time, obeying some mysterious synchronism. Each and every moment, electrical currents in every one of our organs dance to the rhythm of silent symphonies, their beat coordinated by thousands of invisible cells…

“Every month, whenever women spend much of their time together, their menstrual cycles inexplicably synchronize. What is this but the enigmatic rhythm of the universal music to Shiva’s dance?” (ibid., pp. 340-341)

But it’s not only life. Matter that isn’t alive dances to this same music. In the seventeenth century, Christiaan Huygens accidentally observed that two pendulum clocks hung side by side would oscillate simultaneously without any variation…. It was found that generators placed next to each other will automatically synchronize their rotations, even if they start out unsynchronized…  that the moon rotates on its axis at exactly the same rhythm as Earth turns, and this strange synchronism means that we always see the same face of the moon from Earth… It was discovered that water molecules, which move freely, unite in a synchronous movement when the temperature reaches zero degrees, and it is this movement that allows ice to form. It was found that some atoms, when placed at temperatures near absolute zero, begin to behave as if they were one—trillions of atoms in a massive, synchronized dance. This discovery won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001. The conclusion is that inert matter dances, too.” (ibid., pp. 341-342).

So, let’s now compare the examples of the coral spawn, the Malaysian fireflies, and the others highlighted in bold passages from The Einstein Enigma with Vanga’s assertions from my previous post:

  • “There is no such a thing as nonliving nature. Everything lives and obeys to higher organization and mind.” (Krassimira Stoyanova. Vanga. Sofia, 1989, p.117)
  • “I ‘see’ and hear the heavenly bells ringing hourly, and every living creature submits to this rhythm. How do you think roosters know when to crow and birds when to tweet? How do the flowers know when to open their petals and wake up for a new day? Everything obeys this voice.” (ibid., p.103)
  • Every living creature, the entire world, and the whole universe obey a strictly defined cosmic rhythm and order.” (ibid., p.93)

Do you see my point? Hinduism is 4000 years old, the oldest religion that is still practiced, with over 1 billion followers. Vanga, who was a semi-literate blind woman living in the second half of the 20th century, had no way of knowing anything about Shiva’s dance or Eastern philosophy. Yet, she confirmed through her own spiritual enlightenment and, beyond any doubt, the same thousands-of-years-old concepts of the existence of a higher power that has defined strict rhythm and order. The entire universe follows and obeys the rules and commandments of this power, and this is the only explanation for the synchronized events of animal mass migration, coral spawning, and Malaysian fireflies mentioned above. At the very least, science has offered nothing more plausible until now. 

If you remember this statement about truth, “A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses…” (Deuteronomy 19:15), I assume it should be crystal clear by now that, considering the perfect order in nature, there is no doubt of the intelligent design and intent behind everything. However, before wrapping up the theme of the perfect order in nature, I will give you as a bonus one last example:

The Wonder of the Cell.

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